'Get In My Belly' - Grenache - Whistler Wines 2014

'Get In My Belly' - Grenache - Whistler Wines 2014


Whistler Wines


name Get In My Belly vintage 2014
variety Grenache price AUD$35



Marananga, South Australia. The Pfeiffer family planted this vineyard in 2001. The site has a westerly aspect and is situated on a gentle slope which gives the vines a variety of vigour, resulting in a range of flavour profiles within the vineyard. Vines are trained in a single wire cordon and they have been managed organically since august 2013. Mainly used for rosé and blended wines, this single varietal is a 'one off' from their commercial range.



Only this wine and the premium offering are under cork, the rest of their wines are all under screwcap. Refreshingly, due to the rarity of this product, they went totally out of their comfort zone, well outside of their normal way of doing things. It also doesn't have the Whistler Wines logo that you usually find across their entire range, which distinguishes this further as an independent item. The dark label has many different fonts which I found a bit mis-matching, but this is just me. The most dominant feature is an image of a x-ray showing a bottle inside a stomach, (its actually not clear to me if it is a wine or a beer bottle), but its a super fun way to play around the name of the wine itself. Striking, strong and honest. Well done.


Superb drinkability. I can see myself drinking the whole bottle in one go, which is something that I struggle to find in Barossa wines. I normally enjoy medium body wines with alcohol's not over 14%, this example is sweet fruited and rich, true to the variety. What I found so appealling it is the fresh acidity, the soft and gentle palate and the way it invites you to partake in the next glass. So charming, so good.


suggested food matching

Rich meats with sweet sauces. Pork belly and sticky hot sauces will play harmoniously with the flavour profile of the wine. Also, because of the 'easy to drink' style, enjoying with just olives, nuts and bread is an attractive option.


the final word

I am a big fan of the 'one off' concept. It is like when musicians play a cover of their favourite artist that may be out of their usual style. It shows commitment from producers in re-inventing themselves to entertain their consumers; it adds interest and makes it a sought after product because of its scarcity. Keep an eye out for Whistler Wines - their organic and biodynamic journey has just started and the fact that young gun Josh Pfeiffer has taken the reins of winemaking and viticulture duties is exciting - especially knowing his background working for globally renowned producer & biodynamic practitioners, Henschke Wines.


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