Dry Red Wine No.2 - Yarra Yering 2007

Dry Red Wine No.2 - Yarra Yering 2007


Yarra Yering


name Dry Red Wine No.2 vintage 2007
variety Shiraz-Viognier rrp AUD$92



Established in the foot of Warramate Hills, vineyards have a gentle slope with a northerly aspect. Soil profile is deep - with grey silty loam and gravel being the dominant components. As a consequence of the exposure of the site, there is good drainage, optimum sun interception and an elevation that allows vines to be safe from frosts. The unirrigated vines, as well as the cultivation between rows, has encouraged the roots to extend deep into the gravelly soil, further enhancing the flavour expression in the grapes. Being in a cool climate region as the Yarra Valley, wines have a high natural acidity, a denoted characteristc in Yarra Yering Dry Red Wine No.2.



Old school minimalist style. The typography and design of the label layout is very retro and the typography leads the design. 'Dry Red' is also a term that was used back in the old days to deliniate reds from ports, at a time when the consumption of sweet reds was way more common than nowadays. The white label and black lettering are very minimalistic, and there are no wine notes on the back label also - so it's all about what's inside the bottle.


Complex example, there is so much to this example. It takes a while to open up, so decanting is a must. Once the wines gets in contact with air it slowly releases a beautiful perfume, quite elegant with a mixture of leather, violets, cigar and earth. On the  palate it is intense and structured, focused and long. The firm acidity frames the  wine and packs the flavours. I've got no hesitation in saying that this wine will age gloriously for up to 15 years, or even more.


suggested food matching

Duck or pork with sweet sauces. The intriguing flavours of this Shiraz dominant blend will be enhanced with a dish that has flesh but also layers of flavour, that's why I recommend sweet sauces. The perfumed and graceful character of the wine as well as its medium body will marry beautifully with food that has different textures and flavour intensities. This is not a wine for the 'big and bold' shiraz drinkers - it's all about subtlety and gentleness - a pretty wine that invites contemplation.


the final word

Yarra Yering is an icon of the Yarra Valley. This producer makes age-worthy wines that are highly sought after by fine wine drinkers and collectors in Australia. Stylistically they don't follow any trend and they have made a strong statement with the constant and reliable quality they deliver over the years. There is so much life ahead of this wine - it's balanced, precise and graceful, still unfolding what's underneath. I look forward to re visit in 6 months time to see what layer it's going to show me next.


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