Wine Consulting

We have compiled a range of packages below to suit a variety of requirements.
Please contact us to have a comprehensive quote prepared to suit your specific needs.


Wine & Beverage Lists

Is your cost of sales on-budget? Is your list competitive in the marketplace? Is your list positioned correctly for your target market? Are you maximising your sales potential? Could you attract more customers with your list? Do you want to analysis your competitors?

Have your wine list assessed for accuracy, price positioning, and award potential. Receive a concise report that identifies inaccuracies and offers a strategy for improvements. Remove the effort of dealing with merchants.

Standard list assessment: (less than 100 beverages) $240+GST*

Large list assessment: (100 - 500 beverages) $400+GST*

Multi-outlet assessment: Please contact us for a quote.

Implementation of recommendations:
Quote to be supplied as part of your report, when relevant.

Winemaker Support

Are you in the process of producing a wine and you would like to have an independent expert opinion? Would you like an assessment on where your wine could sit in the marketplace? Are you trying to make decisions but feel too close to the product to be objective?

Have an independent review with an expert who understands your consumer, at several points during your wine-making process. You can bounce ideas with a fellow professional and feel confident that you’ll be ‘on-point’ with the finished result.

Single wine assessment: Send your wine to PAIRED Media HQ on the Gold Coast in Australia. In return you will receive a comprehensive report that will include an independent opinion on pricing, gastronomic potential and suggestions for refinement. $240+GST*

Multiple wine assessment: Please contact us for a quote.

On-site wine assessment: Do you want to have an independent expert with you in the field and by your side in the winery? Contact us for a quote.


Stock Management

Is your stock-take process efficient and accurate? Can your team easily find wines in your stock room without wasting time or making mistakes? Are you losing money from shrinkage? Do you have a solid strategy for stock rotation, selection of wine by the glass, managing out-of-stock and new wines?

Have your entire stock management system assessed and reviewed. We can then create stock-take and stock rotation procedures and documentation to help you to accurately track and manage your beverages.

Standard stock assessment: (less than 100 beverages) $240+GST*

Large list assessment: (100 - 500 beverages) $400+GST*

Multi-outlet assessment: Contact us for a quote

Implementation of recommendations:
Quote to be supplied as part of your report, when relevant.


Food and Wine Pairing

Do you want to match up your wines and your menu? Maybe you have a new wine you’d like to offer with some attractive tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Do you want to come up with pairing ideas that go beyond the standard and obvious?

Engage a leading expert in food and wine pairing, (with has co-authored a published, multi-award winning book on the subject), to help you to define the ideal pairings for your offer.

Up to 15 menu items
paired w/one wine each from your list: $240+GST*
Up to 30 menu items
paired w/one wine each from your list: $400+GST*

Contact us for a quote to receive independent food and wine pairing notes for your product labels, and/or technical sheets.


Staff Training

Does your front-of-house team know how to up-sell? Can they prepare, pour and serve drinks in a manner that will impress your guests? Do they know how to offer accurate recommendations? Have you got tasting notes and reference material to help them to understand the beverages on your list?

You can avail of one-off sessions to polish the team skills, or we can devise a program to suit your needs that can be run over a series of weeks or months.

We can even create customised online video material, so that you don’t need to assemble your team in one session, and we can monitor that each team member has completed the training.

Packages start from $240+GST including, briefing, course preparation and a 1 hour presentation with your team.

Find out more about our team training packages. Contact us now.


Hosting, Presenting and Teaching

Do you have an event that you need an engaging and knowledgeable host to work with your chef to present the wines with your food selection? Maybe you would like to entertain your guests with a bit of lighthearted wine training. Maybe you want to have your team highly trained and prepared for a big event that you will be offering.

Alternatively, perhaps you are a wine producer who needs to have their wine expertly presented to potential customers at a fair or show, but your in-house team isn’t available on the relevant date.

Whether it's an intimate gathering at a private residence, or a large event at a significant venue, we can provide you with impeccably prepared and presented hosting, specific to your needs.

Packages start from $360+GST for 3 hours including commute & presentation. To discuss your project and receive a quote specific to your occasion please contact us now.


Wine Buying Advice

Do you have a wine collection or maybe you’d like to start one? Do you want to make sure that you are making the best decisions for long-term investment potential? Are you sure that your wine is being correctly stored and certified to retain its value? Maybe you want to purchase a special bottle of wine to impress a client or family member.

You can have one-to-one training and advice in-person on via online video, with the content tailored specific to your needs.

Packages start from: $240+GST and include preparation of training material and leave-behind notes for your reference.


Content Creation

Brands need to be producing high-quality content on a continual basis. It’s a time-consuming, highly skilled and demanding process.

We can offer you expertly written and edited articles, combined with professionally photographed images, by a multi-award winning team, all tailored to suit your brand requirements. Our content creation skills cover blogs and/or traditional media content about food, wine and gastronomy specific to your venue, product or brand.

We also have a proven track record in producing very high quality cook books, eBooks, and coffee table books for clients. Contact us for a quote today.

Social Media Endorsement

Do you have a product that you would like to have reviewed or presented on our social media channels? We only offer endorsement of products that we enjoy and feel proud to support so both you and our audience can feel certain of an authentic social media experience.

With multiple accounts over Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook, you can enjoy niche and engaged audiences across the genres of food, wine and photography.

To receive a copy of our media kit including pricing, please contact us today. There are 9 social media accounts that can potentially be utilised in all.

Pricing is based on a rate of AU$80/hr +GST with a minimum quote of three hours + expenses.
*All quoted packages are exclusive of travel, accommodation and expenses.