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Tagliatelle marinara with light creamy mustard sauce & chives

This is a beautiful luxurious delicate pasta dish that won’t leave you feeling over full that is one of our favourite dishes to make at home. It’s important to keep the sauce of this recipe light and creamy in texture, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the wine. The tagliatelle is effective at holding the sauce and wrapping it around the seafood as you eat.  

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Our 5 principles of food and wine pairing

We all know that carefully choosing which food and wine should go together is important, but do you know why? We have determined that there are five key principles when combining food and wine: cleansing, complementing, paralleling, counter- balancing and enhancing. Considering these options will help you understand why you are matching food and wine in the first place and also give you a basis to know if your matching is successful.

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