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The 2nd of our 5 principles for matching food & wine

Pairing food and wine was once considered something reserved for experts, but not any more!

Checkout this video for the second of our five principles, 'Complementing', to match food and wine and you will be well on the road to pairing food and wine yourself.
The first principle 'Cleansing' is also available on the blog now.

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Books - Food & Wine Pairing/Matching

This book is an international multi-award winning ground breaker. It introduces you to matching food and wine for yourself, in clear lighthearted language and supplies delicious recipes to experiment with.

For too long food and wine pairing has been reserved for the minority, but not anymore – now all you need is taste buds and a sense of adventure.

This beautifully presented, hard-back full colour recipe book, hosted by wine expert David Stevens-Castro  and food photographer Fran Flynn, will encourage and support you to discover the pleasure of matching food and wine for yourself. 

This first volume showcases sparkling wines of all styles, and challenges usual perceptions by offering tantalising home-cooked recipes for every course of a meal.

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Writer's Digest Book Awards

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Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

      • A 'Best in the World' Award - Pairing
      • Best in Australia - Food & Wine Pairing
      • Best in Australia - French Wine 

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