August 14, 2017

Top 10 Winemakers Chile - 10 years on: 2007-2017

The purpose of this blog is to describe the evolution of the wines produced for the project Top 10 Winemakers of Chile, first released in 2007. This collection of wines gathered the greatest Chilean winemakers to produce a wine predominantly from the same Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard to celebrate the 200 years of Chile’s independence.

January 8, 2017

Mini chicken empanadas with three cheeses & spring onion

Empanadas are one of the fondest food memories I have from my first visit to Chile with David. Empanadas are even more of an institution in Chile than a pie is for Australians. A wide variety of fillings are available with a meat mixture, ‘pino’, being the most popular. However, our recipe is a less typical melt-in-the-mouth three-cheese and onion combo. Mini empanadas are great because they are ideal finger food for when you’re entertaining and they are also filling.  

January 8, 2017

Cullen Wines Amber Vintage 2014

This Amber wine is like nothing I have experienced before. Take your time appreciating the detail in texture, flavours and finish. I was blown away by the many matchings it can handle, yet I definitely prefer it with the sweeter side of things.

January 7, 2017

6 hot tips for selecting wine for your wedding

  Next to the ceremony itself, the wedding meal is possibly the most important part of the overall wedding celebration, and there is nothing worse than finding that the synergy of your best-laid plans ruined by vinegar masquerading as wine! To help you overcome potential disaster, we have compiled a list of hot tips for making a successful beverage selection.  

January 7, 2017

Tagliatelle marinara with light creamy mustard sauce & chives

This is a beautiful luxurious delicate pasta dish that won’t leave you feeling over full that is one of our favourite dishes to make at home. It’s important to keep the sauce of this recipe light and creamy in texture, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the wine. The tagliatelle is effective at holding the sauce and wrapping it around the seafood as you eat.  

January 7, 2017

Watermelon with Mint Herb Cream Cheese

This recipe and pairing suggestion, which unites sparkling rosé with water-melon and mint, should excite your taste buds with the unfamiliar combination of sensations and it's perfect for a fresh snack on a hot steamy day.  

January 4, 2017

Video of our 2nd Principle of Food & Wine Pairing

This is the second of five videos that will give you some tips for matching food and wine for yourself. Enjoy!

December 9, 2016

Make every meal sparkle

There is a popular misconception that champagne and sparkling wines are only useful for raising a toast or washing down the canapés at a wedding. This couldn’t be further from the truth...

August 15, 2016

Sydney International Wine Competition 2017

Our wine expert, David Stevens-Castro has been selected as the reserve judge for the 2017 Sydney International Wine Competition.

June 1, 2016

Video of our First Principle of Food & Wine Pairing

This is the first of five videos that will give you some tips for matching food and wine for yourself. Enjoy!

May 30, 2016

'Best in the World' Gourmand Award

We are winners! So delighted to announce that we have received a 'Best in the World' Gourmand Cook Book Award

May 25, 2016

New intro sequence

We are in the process of producing some fun videos that explain our five principles of food and wine pairing... the first will be launching very soon, stay tuned...

May 25, 2016

Our 5 principles of food and wine pairing

We all know that carefully choosing which food and wine should go together is important, but do you know why? We have determined that there are five key principles when combining food and wine: cleansing, complementing, paralleling, counter- balancing and enhancing. Considering these options will help you understand why you are matching food and wine in the first place and also give you a basis to know if your matching is successful.

March 27, 2015

Le Bout du Monde (The end of the world) 2012

The richness of flavour in this merlot is ideal for a barbeque. A roast would also work well, but I particularly enjoyed the smokey elements added by the grill....

December 22, 2014

Dry Red Wine No.2 - Yarra Yering 2007

Yarra Yering is an icon of the Yarra Valley. This producer makes ageworthy wines that are highly sought after by fine wine drinkers and collectors in Australia. Stylistically they don't follow any trend and they have made a strong statement with the constant and reliable quality they deliver over the years...

December 15, 2014

Meerlust Red 2011

I was blown away by this wine. Overdelivers big time! I always find it so intriguing to drink South African wines. They tend to have a unique balance between an Old world and a New world flavour profile, yet it still remains distinctively South African.

December 5, 2014

'Get In My Belly' - Grenache - Whistler Wines 2014

I can see myself drinking the whole bottle in one go, which is something that I struggle to find in Barossa wines. I normally enjoy medium body wines with alcohol not over 14% (which this is) - this example is sweet fruited and rich, true to the variety...

December 4, 2014

Casa Marin 'Miramar Vineyard' Riesling 2009

I was so excited to taste this wine again - I have tasted it three times over the last 18 months and every time it has shown a different layer. It's delicious and generous, really exotic, mineral and wild as well as powerful, ripe and firm....

November 19, 2014

Malterdinger Bienenberg, 1er Spatburgunder ‘GG’ >>R 2011

I was blown away by this wine! I am a big Pinot Noir fan and I always find exciting when I get to taste a wine that leaves me thinking afterwards. Huber’s take on the variety is unique and it really shows a sense of place...

November 19, 2014

Weingut Bernhard Huber Malterdinger Pinot Noir 2011

This Pinot Noir has a particular character, if you like Central Otago Pinots probably won't be to your taste, because it’s more acidic... This example is for sophisticated drinkers who enjoy wines with age...

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