About Us

David Stevens-Castro is a highly regarded wine expert originally from Chile.
He has a degree in Agricultural Science, specialising in fruit and wine production,
and extensive experience as a sommelier. Fran Flynn is an award-winning
commercial photographer and graphic designer originally from Ireland.

Living together on the Gold Coast, in Australia, they have
pooled their skills as a husband-and-wife team to publish a series
of books and share their expertise in the things they love.

David Stevens-Castro David Stevens-Castro

David Stevens-Castro grew up in Chile playing in the vineyards on his grandfathers farm and inspired by his Aunt and Uncles wine analysis laboratory.

Fast forward a few decades, with a degree in Agricultural Science under his belt (specialising in wine and fruit production) and a passion for food and wine in his belly, David set out exploring Australia and enriched his career as a sommelier in several five star locations.

These days he is a highly respected, award winning, wine expert, whose admirable palate is regularly employed for food and wine selection and menu design as well as critiquing wines and producing write articles for many publications. He lives on the Gold Coast and travels regularly to expand his knowledge. In the last 12 months alone he won three exciting wine scholarship opportunities, the first to Adelaide to meet with a broad range of the wine growers of the region, the second to New Zealand to speak at a major symposium and tour several key wine growing areas and the third will see him  visit Tasmania in late June. Click here to see his linkedin profile.

Fran Flynn Fran Flynn

Award winning photographer and graphic designer Fran Flynn honed her skills in all things creative in her home country of Ireland - before setting off on adventures that meandered through five continents. After working working between London, Sydney and Dublin for a time, she settled in Byron Bay and established her own successful creative agency.

After meeting David and a move to the Gold Coast, her focus on food and wine related work became more defined. These days producing cook books, photography and online content, both with David for PAIRED media, and for clients, is her core focus. Her creative agency is still going strong and she has recently completed a cook book for Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, as well as regularly producing  food and lifestyle photography for a broad range of clients.

Her next major project, which has already almost completed the planning stage, will be producing the next in the PAIRED series of books. The second volume will be PAIRED: Whites and Rosé, closely followed by PAIRED: Reds.